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360° Virtual Tours


360° Virtual Tours are the new way that property is advertised. It gives the potential purchaser the ability to look round your home, from the comfort of their's. These tours give full 360° viewing ability all neatly packaged in a simple click to view link on any advertising you wish to add it to.


Virtual Tours really work


“80% of people start their search for property on line”.

“You will never sell your property if potential buyers don’t look around it”.

“The next best thing to a physical viewing is a Virtual Tour”.

“Virtual Tours are viewed 400% longer than static picture web sites”.

Source: The Guardian

Why you need quality Virtual Tours’ & Photographs of your home for sales or rental purposes


Here at IHS we understand that the most important thing that provokes a viewing or a Rental is the pictures that agents and landlords have on their files and web sites. We use specialised equipment, and with our extensive experience, we can photograph your property to its full potential, providing you with a comprehensive one-off sales/rental portfolio.



360 Virtual Tour is a hugely successful concept in the UK and US. We travel both nationally and internationally for clients and are now offering, as well as our other services, the 360 Virtual Tour concept in Spain. This product has taken the US and UK’s depressed property markets by storm, increasing sales from overseas buyers significantly.

360° Virtual Tours Special Introductory Price :

USA 99 Dollars | UK 99 Pounds | SPAIN 99 Euros


Example 1: USA Example 2: UK Example 3: SPAIN

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Which shows the property to its best commercial potential?

Above are two photographs of the same room taken from the same point. The one on the left was
taken using a typical digital Compact Camera. The picture on the right was taken using a Canon
SLR with a commercial flash. Which helps sell or rent Your property ?

Floor Plan Service

Our Floor Plan Service is a very worthwhile addition to the photographic services we offer. The diagrammatic floor plans not only show the layout of your property but also enable “Hotspots” to be displayed. These hotspots can be clicked on showing the full 360° pictures in relationship to the property.

These Floor Plans make all the difference when people are trying to picture a potential purchase or Rental from miles away. It really helps to get that all important physical viewing, or booking

The floor plan service is a very worthwhile addition for selling or renting your home and costs only:

USA 25 Dollars | UK 25 Pounds | SPAIN 25 Euros

* Large selection of still images with 3 Virtual Tours supplied as a hyperlink.